This wellness program offered by Health Interventions llp, Bangalore, India in partnership with Connecting Health Innovations llc(CHI), Columbia, South Carolina, USA is unique, in the sense; this is a clinically validated wellness program.This program is similar to the‘IMAGINE Healthy’ program offered by CHI in the United States but, designed in specifics to the Indian environment keeping the diverse dietary consumptions in mind.

IMAGINE™ stands for ‘Inflammation Management Intervention’ Counselling System.

This holistic wellness program tracks the participant's wellness before, during and after the program through a series of bio-markers. The interactive program draws strength from CHI’s extensive and empirical research on Dietary Inflammation.

We have integrated all measures to make it a unique and continually engaging program to provide lasting results.

We are excited to launch this program. So, please allow us a little more time to integrate scientific, applications, interactive, and technical aspects....

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IMAGINE™ (Inflammation Management Intervention) Counseling System is currently rolling out as a face-to-face live class in Columbia, South Carolina.

When will the India specific IMAGINE™ (Inflammation Management Intervention) Counseling System Online be offered?

We are planning on launching an online version of IMAGINE™ which will have many wonderful and engaging features built into the experience. The Online version is expected to debut before 31 December 2020 .