Health Education

To whom the DII™ certification course is designed for?

Our DII™ certification course is designed for health professionals, such as physicians, nutritionists, and dieticians who want to receive a more in-depth understanding of the DII™ - what it is, and how it works. It also provides additional insight into understanding dietary inflammation from a clinical perspective, and finally, it is designed to give a comprehensive overview of the IMAGINE™ counseling program.

What certified courses are on offer?

The courses on offer are : DII®-Certified Instructors CourseTM, DII®-Certified Providers CourseTM, DII®-Certified Chefs CourseTM.

Who are our target audiences?

The DII®-Certified Instructors CourseTM is targeted for healthcare professionals, doctors and clinicians. The DII®-Certified Providers CourseTM is targeted for clinicians, dietitians and nutritionists. Finally, the DII®-Certified Chefs CourseTM is targeted for the chefs of premium restaurants, restaurant chains and eating establishments that offer healthy diets that are made of organic produce.

when and how the DII®-Certified courses are to be offered?

We plan to offer The DII®-Certification courses beginning 4th quarter of 2018. They would be offered both online and offline mode. If you are interested, or simply want additional information, contact us now!