This tool lets you know your DII© score and further, provides a comprehensive report in a PDF Format which interprets the score and suggests ways for improvement. This Web-enabled tool is similar to the one we have offered in the United States (DII-on-DemandTM) by our partner CHI.

By capturing the Indian diet pattern, specifically for scientific assessment, Know-Your-DIITM provides an inclusive computation and analysis in delivering the right DII© Score.

With painstaking efforts to determine the type of foods, frequency, portion size, patterns of intake and numerous parameters that aid in the assessment, Know-Your-DIITM calculates your Dietary Inflammatory Index (DII©) scientifically.

The science behind this predictive tool captures all necessary and key data of your diet to help aid in our evaluation.

This tool is presently under research integration, active development and on scientific consultations….