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Dietary Inflammatory IndexTM

The Dietary Inflammatory Index™ (DII® ) was invented by Dr. James R. Hebert, ScD (Harvard). DII® is one of the hottest concepts in biomedicine. It was developed in light of growing understanding of the relationship between inflammation and health outcomes and a deepening appreciation of the role in diet modulating inflammation. Inflammation is now known to provide a substrate for a wide variety of health-related mechanisms ranging from very short-term immune responses to environmental insults to chronic disease outcomes including cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease to name a few.


DII® ScreenerTM




DII Food Grade SystemTM




IMAGINETM is a lifestyle intervention program focused on reducing chronic inflammation through dietary changes, increased physical activity and stress management. This is a clinically validated program. The IMAGINETM program will be offered shortly.


Providing scientifically validated evidence of how your products or commodities can impact the health of consumers is one of our flagship services. Identifying the maximally pro-inflammatory to a maximally anti-inflammatory diet of our traditional foods are key to solve this jigsaw puzzle. Our partner's (CHI-LLC®) is a perfect choice.

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Health Education

Clinicians, Nutritionists, Medical Practitioners, Dietitians, and Counselors are the key conduit for a healthy living of an individual. We recognize the pivotal role they play and hence, support them with our innovatively designed materials and products. These aim to intervene, enhance and equip individuals towards a healthy lifestyle and living.

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Wellness Programs

The wellness programs offered by Health Interventions LLP in partnership with Connecting Health Innovations are unique, in the sense, they are clinically validated. The programs track the participant's wellness before, during and after the program through a series of bio-markers. The program draws strength from our partners extensive and empirical research on Dietary Inflammation.

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Health Foods

In this fast-paced world and with the advent of processed foods, convenience is a crucial influencer which decides what we eat! In the current fast-food environment, getting enough calories is no problem; in fact, it is quite obvious that many people are consuming diets far beyond their metabolic need.

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Case Studies

The researches that were conducted extensively on Dietary Inflammation and using DIITM are captured here for quick reference. Though they are substantial in number, the most relevant ones are listed. PDF docs allow the full research paper to be downloaded and by clicking on the PMID, one will have access to the abstract and clicking on PMCID links one to the full text.

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March 5, 2018